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St. Mark's Ave.
Life in Old Brooklyn
 a novel
St. Mark's Ave. is an authentic look back at early Italian immigration to the United States. It touches upon successes and hardships, loves and losses, the bittersweet moments and harsh realities of life. 
         -The Italian Tribune 
St. Mark's Ave. is the story of Dominick, a young boy of immigrant parents who grows up in a Brooklyn neighborhood during the 1920s and the Depression years. His early, carefree youth shared with close friends bears witness to quickly-changing times. Their boyhood experiences and mischievous escapades bond them for years to come.Personal tragedy and disillusionment transform his innocence to accepted futility. The unrelenting hard times and burdens almost smother his spirit, but through it all, he makes the best of it and valiantly endures.


Saber's Honor 
 a novel
"The well-written novel offers an introspective and positive contribution to Italian culture. It examines this crucial period and shows how one man’s spirit and determination could ignite others and change the course of history."
-The Italian Tribune

In both stature and honor, red-haired, blue eyed Antonio Lochetto stands head and shoulders above many of his fellow Calabrians. Young Antonio, a humble stone mason drafted into the Bourbon cavalry, witnesses the atrocities of the occupying force and then the sufferings of his people at the mercy of their own restricted government. He takes justice into his hands and forges a path as an outlaw in Italy's rugged interior, unaware that his choice will lead him to the height of adventure to the depths of despair. Saber's Honor, based upon a real-life unsung hero takes the reader through Italy's lush countryside, life's hardships, and ultimate fulfillment that only comes through the unbreakable bonds of the human heart.

Joshua's Eden

a novel


Jos. C. Donato's third novel takes the reader into the wilds of the Northwest where young Joshua Jager leaves his family’s rigid life behind and dreams of following the paths blazed by other courageous men. He partners with a French trapper who becomes his beloved mentor and learns well the ways of the rugged territory. He later marries a woman from the Shoshone nation, and an adopted wolf becomes a loyal family member.  Aided by resourceful Indian and mountain men, their lives are abundant with sustenance for the taking. His adventures take him to the edge of reality and to other-worldly dimensions. Joshua’s Eden is the tale of an untamed wilderness for those who dare to venture into its unforgiving majesty.  

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