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 For Marlaina, making art is a sacred process,

one intended to bring the viewer closer to the infinite beauty of existence.

She is proud to be a third-generation painter forging her own path after pulling out of the gallery scene in 2016. She received her first commission at age 16, but art did not become a dedication until her mid-20s when her life plans were derailed by sudden illness

that would become chronic and debilitating for 26 years. Art was a lifeline and catharsis as she dove headfirst into professional portraiture, visionary paintings, and nature with a focus on magnificent trees and windswept heavens. 

In 2016, Marlaina experienced a life-altering physical health remission that

forever changed how and why she creates art.

After 17 years of solo gallery exhibits in Pennsylvania, New Jersey,

Virginia, and New York state, Marlaina retreated into her studio

and inner world for seven years. When she emerged, 200+ paintings later, 

she no longer had an interest in the conventional arena or protocols of art.

Today, she prefers to use her talents purely for cultivating healing and consciousness.

When a new series of visionary canvases emerge,

they are sold privately on a donation basis.

She believes that art is for everyone, not only those who can "afford" it.

Currently, she only considers commissions of interest when time allows.

Marlaina works primarily in traditional oil (walnut oil-based and turpentine/ thinner-free)

but also works in pure pigment soft pastel and mixed media.

Unlike many of today's painters, she chooses not to use 

any studio technology or imposter techniques in her process

including tracing projectors, photo canvases, etc.

She is unapologetically an organic artist who has invested decades

into honing her craft and relies solely on skill, inspired patience,

and knowledge of subject matter including in-depth human anatomy.

 Her canvases range from 8"x10" to 48"x60", but her happy place

is working on larger surfaces 24"x36" and up.

Behind the scenes, she continues to work on a private body of work

that brings to life her personal story of healing and awakening,

including paintings cataloging decades of OBE/soul travel 

and substance-free consciousness expansion.


Upon request, she shares her healing journey

exclusively at wellness centers, spiritual havens, and conscious community venues

where she combines inspired talks with her art, music, and visionary poetry.


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