Witch Way Magazine (April 2019)
WillowWynd's TorchFire
(a review by Michael Herkes)

Do you enjoy ethereal, ambient music that pays homage to Pagan themes and sounds? If so, check out the musical musings of WillowWynd, a talented composer, writer, poet, and artist in the magical community. WillowWynd’s music evokes haunting, instrumental melodies that span several full-length albums, all available for streaming on Spotify or purchase on iTunes. TorchFire: Songs for the Dark Time, which was released on Samhain in 2018, has recently been rotating through my playlist.

While the title offers an ode to the dark half of the year, I found the album to provide a lovely balance of light and dark musical themes. WillowWynd’s work as a whole can be summed up as an atmospheric collection of melodies that pair beautifully with any meditation, ritual, or need for relaxation.

The album opens with an earthly melodic tune called “Wood Smoke,” which embodies the whimsical element of air. “Time Withers Spring” is a pretty track and perfect for spring awakening. Listening to this song heightens my imagination, bringing to mind violet crocus blooming through the melting winter snow; I envision the soft warmth of sunlight reinvigorating the land. It is a beautiful portrayal of musical rebirth and the sounds of transformation.

Other songs, such as “Samhain Fires,” “Blood of the Grape (Dionysos),” and “Hekate’s Crossroads” are decadently full of richness and mystery, offering a darker contrast to the album. “Blood of the Grape (Dionysos)” in particular is a standout track for me; the instruments layer in a way that composes a ritualistic building great of raising power.

Overall, TorchFire: Songs for the Dark Time is a glorious presentation of a meditative landscape. With each track, there is a different theme, yet their tones beautifully ebb and flow together into cohesive musical magic. For more information on WillowWynd, visit her website www.AutumnEmbersMusic.com.




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