Marlaina Donato, CA, CMT is a national content writer for the health publication Natural Awakenings magazine (3+ million monthly readership) and the author of fifteen books in the genres of alternative health, body-mind-spirit, the Sacred Feminine, fiction and poetry. Some of her titles include Naked Soul (Llewellyn Worldwide, 1998) the reference book Multidimensional Aromatherapy: Clinical, Practical, and Vibrational  Applications, Goddess Consciousness: Women's Mysticism and Sacred Arts,  and Spiritual Famine in the Age of Plenty: Baby Steps to Bliss.


As WillowWynd, she is an American composer loyal to evocative moods, haunting rhythms, and wisdom of the Old Ways. Her work has been used in film, meditation videos, women's life coaching courses, and small business promos. The 2019 short film Signs of Aging by director Tara Gadomski features her music, and she is also a supporting actor in the inspiring dark comedy. She plays all instruments on her recordings--piano/keyboards, acoustic guitar, bowed guitar, hammered dulcimer, and percussion and also layers her own vocals. Her shimmering semi-classical solos, pagan-genre instrumentals, seasonal translations, and meditative soundscapes are portals to inner worlds and invitations to beauty. She also produces her own music videos and enjoys the unique freedom of self-expression through moving images.

Her maternal grandfather, a piano prodigy, played Carnegie Hall at age eleven, and her mother Winifred was a singer-songwriter-poet. Marlaina believed her fate would be in film scoring, but life and health took unexpected turns and prompted her to pursue writing, painting, and the holistic arts (professional bodywork modalities including clinical essential oil therapy). When not working, Marlaina stirs up healthy-gourmet feasts, conjures natural perfumes, and spends long, inspired hours walking and hiking in the pristine woods of rural Pennsylvania with her husband, Jos. C. Donato, an author of historical fiction. After decades of sometimes severely compromised health, she is grateful for the tools and profound energetic healing that changed her life in 2016. Marlaina is truly living her mother's affirmation that midlife is the beginning of all things wonderful and love in its highest frequency is the most powerful of all medicines. 



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