As WillowWynd, she is a composer and recording artist, her diverse work used in film, meditation videos, and small business promos. Her music has been featured in award-winning short films by director Tara Gadomski, and she is also a background supporting actor in Gadomski's 2019 inspiring film Signs of Aging. She has released 20 albums in the genres of semi-classical solo piano, world/new age, and pagan/Celtic. She plays all instruments on her recordings including piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, bowed guitar, hammered dulcimer, and percussion and also layers her own vocals. 
  Inspiration and Sustenance
As an author and painter of the Sacred Feminine, Marlaina's work is permeated with deep mysticism.  She is a co-facilitator of women's sacred retreats and a private teacher of women's spirituality. Behind the scenes, as of May 2020, despite many followers, Marlaina made the decision to withdraw from the fray of social media platforms to sustain an inner healing space. From her corner of the world in the beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack region of Pennsylvania, she opts out of owning an iPhone and focuses on slower living, a rich inner life, and creating beauty. On any given day, she can be found painting in her art studio, cooking up healthy gourmet feasts in her sun-drenched kitchen filled with plants and a medicinal herb pantry, or hiking nearby wildlife sanctuaries with her husband of eleven years, Jos. C. Donato, an author of historical fiction. After decades of sometimes severely compromised health due to the largely misunderstood myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFIDS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and fibromyalgia, she is grateful for the deep, multilevel energetic tools that ignited a cellular transformation and complete remission in 2016.
Marlaina believed her fate would be in film scoring, but life and health took unexpected turns and prompted her to pursue writing, art, and in her 30s, professional certifications in therapeutic bodywork modalities and clinical essential oil therapyMarlaina's greatest influence was her mother Winifred, a multi-talented Renaissance woman who managed health food stores in Manhattan in the 1950s and independently studied nutrition and holistic endocrinology. Marlaina witnessed medical "miracles" during her childhood when her parents were employed at a groundbreaking holistic medical center, Clymer Health Clinic, in Bucks County Pennsylvania. This early foundation sparked her own passionate interest in alternative and integrative medicine and helped her navigate her own health challenges. 
Currently, her only ambition is to continue painting her visions and making this the most joyful, nectarous decade thus far.

 Marlaina Donato, CA, CMT is a freelance, evidence-based health and wellness writer with an integrative and holistic focus. She is a regular national-content writer for Natural Awakenings magazine and has written for Organic Lifestyle Magazine, Taste for Life, and other publications. She has interviewed some of the most significant sources in the industry from Mayo Clinic to yoga legend Rodney Yee, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito to neuroscientist and global Transcendental Meditation leader Tony Nader.  She is also the author of fifteen books in several genres focusing on women's spirituality, holistic health, slow/meaningful living, fiction, memoir,
children's stories, humor, and poetry.        
Some of her titles include Naked Soul (Llewellyn Worldwide, 1998),
 Multidimensional Aromatherapy, Goddess Consciousness,
  Spiritual Famine in the Age of Plenty: Baby Steps to Blissand the novel, Broken Jar.
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