Marlaina Donato

  Health Writer . Author . Composer


 Recent national health features for Natural Awakenings Magazine: 

-Integrative Hospital Care:

w/ Mayo Clinic

-Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Natural Lifestyle Choices

-Calm Down: Taming the Flames

of stress-Related Illness

Goddess Consciousness

is a multi-faceted reference book for many types of Goddess-informed practices. Donato's book provides a fresh new set of ideas for connecting our beliefs to our daily routines.​

SageWoman Magazine

Marlaina is a national

evidence-based health and wellness writer with an integrative and holistic focus.

She has interviewed some of the most significant sources in the industry from Mayo Clinic to yoga legend Rodney Yee, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito to neuroscientist and global  Transcendental Meditation leader, Tony Nader.

Multidimensional Aromatherapy

is a fantastic reference and I am glad to have it in my library.

Amanda Klenner,

Natural Herbal Living Magazine

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