WillowWynd (Marlaina Donato)

wrote her first semi-classical piece at

age 13, released her first self-produced album at age 23,

and had plans to go into film scoring,

but health and life had other plans.

When the time was right, she re-embraced music and

 released 21 albums in the genres of

semi-classical piano, world/new age, and ambient vocals. Her diverse work has been featured in award-winning short films, art installations

self-help coursesmeditation videos,

and small business promos.

She composes, produces, arranges,

and records her music and creates her own music videos. Each inspired album translates the human journey in a haunting and unique way. On her recordings she plays

piano, keyboards, guitar and bowed acoustic guitar,

percussion, hammered dulcimer

and also layers her own vocals. 

She opts out of distributing her music on popular  platforms, refusing to participate in the greed machine

that allows an artist to profit only $46 per 10,000 streams.

Click on her Aurora Luna album cover on this page to listen to or purchase her music

available exclusively through Bandcamp. 

TorchFire is a glorious presentation of a meditative landscape. With each track, there is a different theme, yet their tones beautifully ebb and flow together into cohesive musical magic.

-Witch Way Magazine

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